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See us at Twickenham tomorrow!

Rugby fans amongst us cannot have overlooked the fact that England are playing against South Africa at Twickenham tomorrow (2.30pm kick off if you need to set your alarm!).

We are particularly excited at this match because the mascot, Jack Booth who will accompany scrum half Danny Care out on to the hallowed turf will  be sporting  in public (for the first time!)  the new Ibbotson Brady logo and image on the back and sleeves of his shirt!  It will be a proud day for all of us!  Some of you may know that Danny was educated in West Yorkshire (at Prince Henry’s in Otley) and was a player at West Park Leeds.  As a local business we are deligheted to be associated with this event!

Our decision to have a slight change of appearance was  based upon simply  putting across what we stand for and what we offer to you as a Personal Injury firm of solicitors.  We are not changing what we do – It’s about telling you what it is that  makes us different to other  Personal Injury firms.

The main difference lies in the fact that the service we offer is tailor made for each individual client.  It’s about the fact that we recognise that everyone’s experience of an accident is not the same and so their claim should not be DEALT with in the same way.  From the first time we meet you we take the time to gather as much information as we can from you, find out what is important to you and what you expect of us and then make sure that the service we provide meets your expectation.  Your claim will always be dealt with by a qualified solicitor (Myself or John) and we will stay with you throughout your case until the end.  You will not speak to a different person each time you call and your file will not be passed from one person to another.  We believe that this  is important because the relationship we build up with you throughout your case enables us to work out what is best for you and make sure that when you  receive your compensation it is at the level you DESERVE.

We are also happy to visit you at home if getting into the city to see US would be difficult for you.  Again we know that this is something that makes us different from other Personal Injury firms.  We believe that your case should be handled in a way that is convenient  to you !

We tried to think how we could sum up what it was that we did and we came up with a simple phrase “Injury Claims Ethically”.  That sums us up really.  In times when everything is computer based and correspondence is always by email (have you noticed how sometimes letters you receive don’t even have a contact telephone number on them?) we believe that the way we deal with cases is refreshingly different.  We believe it is BETTER because it is aimed at you! We believe that that any service (not just a legal service) should be for the convenience and benefit of the people we serve and we never forget that!

So there it is! – a new logo and image for Ibbotson Brady but the same personal service we pride ourselves on!  In a couple of weeks time you will be able to see our new style on our website but for now see if you can spot it on Saturday as the England team step out at Twickenham…

Have a great weekend



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