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Personal Injury Questions

  1. How do I know if I have a compensation claim?
  2. How do claims work then?
  3. Will it cost me anything to claim?
  4. What does No Win No Fee mean?
  5. How do you get paid then?
  6. What types of injury claims do you do?
  7. If the claim is against my employer will I lose my job?
  8. Do time limits apply to claims?
  9. How much compensation will I get?
  10. How long will a claim take?
  11. Will I have to fill out lots of paperwork?
  12. Will I have to go to court?
  13. Am I wrong to think of claiming?
  14. Is the whole thing too daunting?
  15. Why should I use Ibbotson Brady Solicitors?
  16. Ask you own question

How do I know if I have a compensation claim?

If you have an accident or suffer injury in some way that might have been someone else’s fault, or at least was not your own fault, then you might have a claim.

This can be a complicated question and you don’t need to worry because we will tell you whether you have a good claim for free.

It’s simple. If you have been injured in any way at all, even if you think it might have been your own fault, then we offer a free case evaluation.

For more information see our free case evaluation section.

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How do claims work then?

You normally have to have an opponent to bring a claim against, but there are some exceptions to that.

With our help, you address your claim to your opponent and pass through certain stages before succeeding.

If you want to know much more about how claims work then see our claims process section.

You might like to look at our case studies too because they show how real life claims have actually progressed.

If you would prefer us to explain how your claim might work then use our free case evaluation section.

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Will it cost me anything to claim?

If your claim is unsuccessful then it will cost you nothing. If your case is successful then we will be able to recover some (but not all) of the costs from your opponent.

In most cases there will be a shortfall which will be payable by you from any award you receive but we guarantee that this will never exceed 25% of your award (including VAT).

For more information see the answers to the next FAQs and our No Win No Fee section. We always discuss the funding of our client’s claim with them very carefully.

Some clients already have some backing, such as union funding or through an insurance policy, but the vast majority use No Win No Fee Agreements.

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What does No Win No Fee mean?

If you lose your claim, you pay nothing. We also promise that if you succeed then you will keep at least 75% of your compensation.

For more information see our no win no fee section and the next FAQ.

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How do you get paid then?

If your claim succeeds then we get paid a proportion of the costs from your opponent. The balance of our costs is payable by you from your compensation up to a maximum of 25% of your compensation

For more information see our no win no fee section.

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What types of injury claims do you do?

Just about every type you can think of.

Try our free claims evaluation service.

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If the claim is against my employer will I lose my job?

No. Your employer has a legal duty to have insurance for its employees and any claim is directed to those insurers.

Normal employment rights will protect you too.

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Do time limits apply to claims?

Yes, and it always makes good sense to get on with your claim straight away.

Information can be lost and witnesses can forget things, so act as soon as possible. In most adults’ claims you have three years to bring your claim from the accident date.

If you haven’t concluded your claim or issued court proceedings by the end of that period then it is unlikely that you can claim, see the claims process section for more information. If you are under 18, then the three year period starts from your 18th birthday.

It is more complicated and time limits can be shorter with certain types of claims, such as hit and run car accidents, accidents involving boats or planes, or criminal assaults.

Accidents abroad can also have different time limits. The best advice is to start your claim as soon as possible. If in doubt use our free claim evaluation service.

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How much compensation will I get?

The overall amount you receive is usually made up of two parts.

You receive an amount for your injuries and an amount for the financial losses you suffered as a result of the accident.

The amount of compensation won varies greatly from case to case and you can learn more in our compensation amounts section.

People suffer many different injuries and those injuries affect different people in different ways.

The injuries are valued by comparing them with similar cases from the past.

Financial losses need to be calculated and proved. Again, see our compensation amounts section for more information.

Some unscrupulous claims companies or Solicitors try to entice new clients by making extravagant promises about the value of the claim on day one.

The fact is that whichever Solicitor you use, provided they are doing the right job, you should receive the correct amount of compensation.

There are no shortcuts or sneaky ways to recover more.

As a sound and ethical firm we are always honest with you about the likely value of your claim.

If it’s too early to be sure about an exact value we’ll tell you.

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How long will a claim take?

Every case is different. We will be able to tell you the average time that it takes for your type of claim to be completed, so please try our free case evaluation.

Generally speaking, if the claim is complicated, serious and valuable then it will take longer to progress though the various stages of a claim.

Some very simple cases can be finished in weeks; some of the most complex can take years.

See our case studies for examples and our claims process section that shows the stages a claim goes through before it finishes.

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Will I have to fill out lots of paperwork?

No. We will do this for you.

We try to avoid inconveniencing you as much as possible so that you can concentrate on getting better.

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Will I have to go to court?

We can’t promise that you won’t, but it is extremely unlikely.

Well over 95% of cases are settled without any court proceedings.

See our claims process section for a better idea of how a claim progresses.

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Am I wrong to think of claiming?

Definitely not. Remember that when you have suffered injury through no fault of your own you deserve and are entitled to receive proper compensation.

You are not claiming something for nothing or trying it on. Current laws, safety regulations, safer roads and safer workplaces only exist because people have been prepared to claim in the past.

Despite the myths, claims simply do not succeed unless they have merit and someone else is at fault. Most claims are met by insurance companies.

Those insurance companies have already charged premiums to cover just such accident claims.

You are already the victim; don’t make yourself doubly so by failing to stand up for your rights. Insurance companies love it when people who have a perfect right to don’t claim.

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Is the whole thing too daunting?

Of course it would all have been better if you had not been injured in the first place, but now you have a choice. Suffer in silence and do nothing, or try to do something about it.

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Why should I use Ibbotson Brady Solicitors?

We are expert solicitors and we can take the strain. We will explain everything to you and we pride ourselves in looking after your interests in a personal and caring way.

It speaks volumes that over 70% of our clients are recommended to us by satisfied former clients. Remember our core message, you will be dealing with John or Rebecca, that’s it, we are solicitors not middlemen.

Very few firms of Solicitors offer a genuinely personal service, as we do.

Our experience of many other Solicitors firms is that you rarely get the same person on the telephone twice, the person dealing with your claim changes repeatedly and you are made to feel like you are just one of thousands who has to fill in standard questionnaires and forms.

You end up doing the Solicitors’ work for them. We don’t work that way.

Learn more about the people who will actually be running your claim personally and why you should trust them. Meet John and Rebecca.

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