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If you have suffered any accident or injury at all and wonder whether you might have a compensation claim, then please give us a free, no obligation call, or click on our link to Start a Claim.

It is important that you speak to a specialist injury claims solicitor, like our John Ibbotson or Rebecca Wood. Don’t just call an anonymous claims line where someone with a headset will take your details and simply sell you onto someone else.

Many clients first approach us for a free chat when they have no idea whether they might have a good claim or not. This is often at a time of trauma and stress and we can help. If you call, we often have a good idea of whether you have a good claim and how we can help straight away, but we also always offer a free meeting too. We meet nearly all of our clients face to face and that helps us to understand you much more fully.

Most of our clients bring their claims on a “no win, no fee”  basis, but there are other ways forward too and we always have a good, long and free chat about how you can best bring your claim.

With injuries of any kind, it can take a while to achieve a recovery and perhaps get back to work. You need us on your side for that journey. A committed and personal touch is so important to us and that is what we offer. Here at Ibbotson Brady Solicitors, if you instruct John, then you get John and not a succession of people. If you instruct Rebecca then you get her. If you call, you ask for John or Rebecca and you get them. Simple!

Ours is not a production line approach, it is a sympathetic and fully personalised service. It is important that your lawyer really understands you and there is a very good reason for the fact that 70% of our clients have been recommended to us.

We receive many recommendations from current and former clients and often from other lawyers too. They recognise our expertise and personal touch. We can be trusted us to look after those recommended friends or relatives really well.

Injury claims are often not just about seeking money compensation. There are often treatment and rehabilitation needs, financial needs, organisational needs and emotional and psychological needs as time passes. We help with all of these things along the way.

Our overall aim is to get you as well as possible and to recover fair and appropriate compensation as painlessly for you as we can.

If you have had an accident or have suffered any injury of any kind and wonder whether you might have a compensation claim, please call or contact John or Rebecca by clicking our Start a Claim button for free. We will have a chat and if we think there is a chance of making a claim we will see you face to face, without obligation or cost.

Most of our clients are based in Leeds and more widely across Yorkshire, reflecting our excellent local links and reputation, but we do have clients all over the country too. The experience and skills of a good solicitor are more important than location.

To see what you can be doing and thinking about to help yourself in your claim, click on John’s Top Tips, but remember, it is free to call us and we are always happy to talk.

John has been a member of The Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (“APIL”) since the 1990’s. APIL have prepared a really useful guide called “Compensation Explained” that will help you to understand more. You can access it here.

APIL also have a brief and useful summary of “no win, no fee” and other ways to fund legal fees, so click here.

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