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Good Morning, John here again.

We believe that our website and our messages for clients and future clients should never stand still. We are always looking to take the next step to keep it all fresh and to get our honest and forthright messages out to clients who might otherwise fall in the laps of the many dodgy injury compensation claims cowboys. For instance, our website has a “skin” so that it can be read sensibly and easily from smartphones and we are into the social media too, both extra steps that we hope get our genuine messages and merits heard.

Because of this need to keep moving forward, we are taking the exciting step of creating videos, both for our website and to post on youtube, about what we do – genuine and respectable injury compensation claims – who we are and how we can help you.

Our website already has loads of helpful content about compensation and injury claims, like how to claim, how it all works, what to expect etc. In addition to that we know that some people would like to see us in person (even if it is on screen at first) and learn more directly from us. The photos on our website are all well and good, but seeing and hearing us in action is going to be better. We also know that some people actually prefer to browse and search through video sources like youtube instead of the usual surfing through google and similar search engines. Most people like to see and hear the person they are considering trusting with something potentially very important for them and we recognise that need to “see the whites of their eyes”. The videos are not a substitute for us meeting clients face to face, they are more like a taster of what we are like, so that you can see if you like and trust us.

So, each of us will be whisked off to a secret filming location in the next few weeks. Lorraine is going first and then it’s my turn a couple of days later. The idea is for us to address the most commonly asked questions about injury compensation claims from our clients and to explain the basics of how claims work.

We know that the injury compensation “industry” has some seriously murky and disreputable operators and so we want our pure message to get through. We are long qualified and deeply experienced injury compensation Solicitors. We have already helped thousands of injured people and we hope to help many more in the future. We are just as turned off as everyone else by the disreputable cowboys and “claims farmers” who seem to advertise constantly on TV and radio. Almost all of them are just middle men who sell you and your claim on to a disinterested lawyer you have never heard of, like a commodity.

We are straightforward and honest people with no gimmicks or “hard sell” techniques and that is what we hope to get over in our videos. They are going to be unscripted and natural, or at least as natural as we can manage in what will be unusual circumstances for us! We want clients to know and trust us.

We hope to have the videos up and running in the next 2 months, so watch this space. If the film making process is interesting and worth posting about I might put something in one of my next couple of blogs.

If you need help, advice or just a chat now, click the button below, or better still call us on 0800 0612463. Ask for John or Lorraine. Read our testimonials first on this website if you want reassurance and a feel for what we are about.

Bye for now.

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