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How important is your choice of solicitor?

The simple answer to this is that your initial choice is VERY important!

If you have ever been involved in an accident then what I am about to say will sound familiar.  And if you have not been involved in an accident then I hope that the following is of some guidance to you if you ever should have an accident.

You cannot escape the fact that TV advertising for Personal Injury/Compensation claims is big business!  At just about every commercial break you see adverts from Solicitors and Claims Companies all wanting to deal with  your case and all offering the best service ever!  You may also find that following an accident you are mysteriously approached by Solicitors and Claims Companies who somehow know that you have had an accident and they want to deal with your claim for injuries.

But before you respond to that TV advert or say “Yes” to a caller who telephones you offering to deal with you case, just step back and take stock of YOU want.

1.  Remember that this is YOUR case and you make the decision on which solicitor to instruct. Take your time to get it right!

2.  If you are responding to a TV advert check whether the Company you have called is a firm of Solicitors or a Claims Company.  If it is a Claims Company then they will not be dealing directly with you case – they will be selling your on to a firm 0f solicitors and you have no control over who that firm of solicitors will be.

3.  Don’t be persuaded by smooth adverts that repeatedly tell you how you will keep 100% of your compensation – this isn’t something new, in fact it is standard practice for the vast majority of Solicitors who do Personal Injury work.

4.  You will usually find that if you respond to a TV advert then the Solicitor who then deals with your case is not in the same geographical area as you.  So ask yourself the question whether you are happy with the fact that in all likelhood you will never meet the solicitor dealing with your case and if you have a problem you will only be able to resolve it over the phone.

5.  Because you do not know when you respond to a TV advert which Solicitor will be dealing with your case, you have no idea as to their level of expertise, their reputation, or whether your case will be dealt with by a qualified Solictor or just a legal clerk.

6.  Will the same person  be dealing with your case all the way through or will it be dealt with by a “Team” ? Are you happy with that?

7.  Ask youself the question whether you would buy a house or a car without seeing it first or knowing what you were getting.  If your answer is “No” the  don’t buy a Solicitors serveices in the same way.  Your claim is important and it HAS to be dealt with properly if you are to get the right amount of compensation.

At Ibbotson Brady we offer a tailor made service, centered around YOU and what YOU need.  We offer home visits as a matter of course including weekends and evenings because we believe that your case should be dealt with at YOUR convenience.  You will ALWAYS have a fully qualified and very experienced Solicitor dealing with your case  (myself or John) and we will stay with you throughout (no chopping and changing and sending off to “another department”). And you can “Try before you buy” – our first interviews are entirely free and if at the end you decide you don’t want to go ahead then that is fine with us – there will be no pressure or obligation.

Oh yes… and you keep 100% of your compensation ; ))

At Ibbotson Brady we are passionate about what we do and offer service which we consider is second to none!

If you have been involved in an accident and have sufffered injury and possibly financial lossee then give us a call – you won’t be disappointed!





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