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Busting Insurers’ Myths About Injury Claims

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Hello again, John blogging once more.

A new publication from APIL (the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers) has come to my attention that pleases me greatly because it echoes perfectly the core values of us here at Ibbotson Brady Solicitors.

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‘Reality Check’ has been created to help debunk and combat the relentless and continued bluster and slander of the insurance sector towards the personal injury sector. It tries instead emphasise and explain that at the centre of our work (especially for us here) is the wellbeing, rehabilitation and care of our blamelessly injured clients.

Time and time again the personal injury “industry” is portrayed by corporate insurers as a den of crooks looking to squeeze funds from honest corporations. This is a cynical and long term propaganda plan, churned out by vastly resourced PR departments and lobbyists on behalf of those insurers. As The Guardian newspaper famously reported, the insurance industry are huge donors to the Conservative party and they seek to buy influence wherever they go.

In reality the core interest of firms such as ourselves is to act on behalf of our genuinely injured clients who have been hurt in incidents where someone else is directly responsible.

Too often compensation amounts that have justifiably been awarded for injury claims are pointed to and sneered at, as though they have been swindled out of the pockets of the insurers. Oh yes, they are very happy to take your insurance premium money, but when it comes to paying out for justifiable, deserved and righteous claims that they insured against, they cry foul.

No client seeking compensation ever really “wins” anything. As worded so excellently in the publication, “compensation is not a prize”, it is the just and rightful awarding of funds to compensate claimants. It is not “bunce” to spend willy-nilly on luxury, but it is to compensate for serious injuries, pain and suffering, future healthcare concerns and disabilities, lost earnings and financial losses and, put bluntly, to help in some way to address the potential future consequences that the client might have to live with for the rest of their life.

Claimant injury firms don’t have a monopoly on being the good guys, of course. In fact some are rotten and I have written many times before about the often-infuriating practices of some firms out there – for example see – my blog post ‘The Lies Told By The Insurance Industry‘ However, ethical, fair, true and considerate firms like ours still exist and always have done. You just need to pick us when you need help.

If you want to see personal injury claims run sensitively and with the right sentiments at heart then, please, you can call me or my great colleague Rebecca Wood for a free, no obligation chat about any accident that you have suffered. We will be able to tell you whether you have a promising claim and, if so, how we can help you to go about it.

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