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Hello and welcome from John Ibbotson

Well here we are. Our new website is up an running, including warts and all photographs of us in City Square, Leeds.

I’m going to be blogging here regularly and Lorraine will be too. We aim to tell you interesting things about the many and varied injury compensation claims we have run. We can’t use clients’ real names of course, but there really are some fascinating cases and issues that we have come across.

The insurance industry ceaselessly lobbies and spends many millions on PR trying to paint a picture of a mass “claims culture” where everybody is on the make and all injury claims are dodgy and exaggerated.

That’s not what we see day in, day out. What we see are overwhelmingly genuine, honest people whose lives have been turned upside down because of the injuries they have suffered in an accident they didn’t cause. The insurance industry doesn’t want to talk about those people. Our clients.

We try to help our clients put their lives back together and we make sure that insurers meet their responsibilities. That’s what we do.

Insurers like taking our premiums, but they don’t like paying out compensation for what they have been paid to cover. We have to fight to force them to meet their responsibilities every day. Damages for damage caused, no more, no less.

Many of you will already recognise us from the website photographs because over 70% of our work comes from pre-existing clients, personal recommendations and word of mouth and we like to see as many of our clients face to face as possible.

We’re not just selling something mail order, we are providing vital, sometimes life-changing, support and advice to people at a very vulnerable time in their life. We think you ought to be able to meet and see us up close and up front, so that you can decide whether we are worthy of your trust. We like and know our clients and, we hope, most of them like us too, which is why they recommend us so often.

We have already helped thousands of injury victims in Leeds, West Yorkshire and beyond.

The geographical spread of the location of our client is interesting. Accident victims we have helped are mostly based within 40 miles of City Square Leeds, but we have significant clusters of injured clients in places like Kent, Hampshire, Northumberland and South Yorkshire.

The clusters all have a tale to tell. Usually we’ve helped one accident victim living there by chance or through a recommendation and, hopefully, impressed them so much that they became our local advocates and continue to recommend us to family and friends.

We value our clients’ recommendations very highly because it is the ultimate compliment and everyone benefits from the relationship. We are given much valued new work and the injured person gets the best advice and attention that we can give them.

We’ve had a website for 10 years, but time and technology and, most importantly, lifestyles and buying choices  all move on at an incredible pace.  Launching this new and much improved website gives me pause for thought. What was a website for back in 2001?

Well, good question.

I suppose it was a signpost, like a shopfront banner, out somewhere in the ether.

Cyberspace, we thought. World wide web, will it catch on, we thought. Surely the Yellow Pages will always be king?

How wrong was that?

A website was an aspirational expression of modernity for a business in 2001, but, if folk were honest, many just thought they “ought to have one”. Just in case.

There weren’t many outside of very forward thinking retailers who really thought you could sell through a website, or persuade people to use your company or product.

Now what do we do if we want anything?

I bet the top answer is, Google it.

So, we are pleased with and proud of our new website, but what do you think?

We hope it might persuade some accident victims to c0nsider using us and, if we do a good job for them, they might recommend us and widen our virtuous circle. We also understand that a good website, like a good business, can never stand still. If a website ever was just a shopfront banner, it should be so much more than that now.

That’s all for now folks,


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