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Is it good enough that it wasn’t very good?

This is a question that I am asked with increasing regularity…

We live in a service based society where we have come to expect good service in every walk of life – whether it be service in local shops, supermarkets, insurance companies, public authorities such as the Council, Social Services, the NHS and the GP. The list is endless…

Because of the work we do here at Ibbotson Brady, the question of poor service usually arises in the context of treatment following an accident or an incident where you have sustained injury and financial losses.  One complaint I hear in particular is about the treatment provided by the NHS and the GP.  They are after all just another service provider and it seems that there is growing dissatisfaction about the treatment provided.  To the question “Do I have to put up with that?” the simple answer is “No, you DON’T!”

When you consult your GP or need treatment you are not just ENTITLED to good service – you DESERVE it!  Doctors have a duty to to provide a high level of care to you when you seek their help.  That duty includes making a correct diagnosis of your symptoms, referring you to an appropriate Consultant if necessary, prescribing the right medicines, and doing all this within a reasonable time.   A failure in any of these can lead to you suffering injury (or in the case of an accident, your injuries being made worse) and this can lead to financial losses if you cannot get back to work and so lose earnings.

In simple terms it is called “Negligence”

You do not have to just accept this.  If you feel that the treatment you have received was below standard then you are entitled to complain about that.  Be honest with the GP and/or the hospital about your concerns and tell them why you are unhappy about your treatment.  At the very least you deserve an apology. And if as a result of the substandard treatment you suffer injury or your recovery is delayed then you can make a claim against the GP or Hospital for compensation for your injuries and losses that followed such as loss of earnings.  John and I can help you with this and give you advice on writing the letter of complaint and whether you can claim for compensation.

Peolpe sometimes tell me thay are not sure whether to start a complaint or compensation claim against the GP or the hospital because they don’t know if the symptoms they now have are “normal” following their treatment. The best advice I can give you is to simply ask me or John and we can go through  it with you and tell you if we think you are justified in complaining or making a claim.  It won’t cost you anything to talk to us and we will always be honest with you.  If we think you don’t have a case then we will tell you.  But equally, if we think you DO have a case then we will be happy to support you and help you get the compensation you deserve.


Until next time.


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