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Finger and hand injury compensation claims

Hello again,

I thought I would concentrate on one sort of injury today and the kind of compensation claims that often arise from it. I’ve decided to blog about finger injuries, the common causes of them and how we can help you to bring injury claims for them.

Very important things fingers, as you quickly come to realise when you can’t use one or more of them, for one reason or another. Think about your average day for a minute and just about every task that you do, from getting up in the morning until you go to bed at night, involves using your hands and fingers. Lose the use of a finger or fingers, or worse, lose one or more entirely and you are talking about very serious and disabling consequences. It can be even more worrying if your dominant hand is the one affected.

I broke my dominant arm badly once in a rugby game and the 3 surgeries and 9 weeks in pot up to my armpit taught me how massive a disadvantage and handicap it is to be one handed, albeit temporarily in my case.

Because the consequences of finger injuries can be so grave, injury compensation claims involving them can be pretty complicated and valuable. We’ve run lots of these claims, including many traumatic amputations of fingers, and they do need special attention and expertise. Even when a finger is not amputated, cuts or crush injuries can cause very serious consequences, because fingers have so many delicate tissues like fine ligaments and tendons inside them. Even what seems to be a relatively trivial cut or injury can actually have massive a impact because of the loss of finger function or sensitivity. We use fingers to do delicate precision work like writing, typing and even the more mundane things like doing up buttons and tying shoelaces.

Normal rules apply to these finger injury accident claims in that we have a fault based legal system. You normally need an opponent who was at fault in causing your injuries to be able to claim compensation.

Some scenarios are pretty obvious and are likely to give rise to the right to claim, like where you are injured at work and there has been a failure to keep you safe on the part of your employers, or where you’ve been exposed to something dangerous like a faulty product. Other scenarios are less likely to give rise to the right to claim, like where you hurt yourself in your own home, although even then there can often be an X-factor leading to the possibility of claiming. Don’t ever assume you can’t claim. Call us free and find out what we think.

Common scenarios we have seen include:

  • Finger amputations or serious cuts caused by unguarded or otherwise unsafe machinery at work
  • Similar injuries caused or worsened by a failure to provide proper PPE (safety equipment like gauntlets or gloves)
  • Crush or severing injuries on construction sites
  • Vibration White Finger (often referred to as HAVs – hand arm vibration) caused by unsafe exposure to vibrating tools or machinery
  • Severed fingers or cuts due to faulty products (for example see my earlier blogs about Phil and Teds pushchairs and the claims I am running from finger amputations and injuries caused by their folding mechanism and unguarded hinges)

There are many more possible scenarios and the chances are that we will have experience of just such an accident as you might have been unlucky enough to have suffered.

If you have had an accident like this, give us a free no obligation call, or click on the case evaluation button below. You are entitled to and deserve compensation. I’m sure we can help you.

That’s all for today,


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