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We are specialists in handling road traffic accident claims.

Road accidents are the most commonly suffered kinds of accident. Department of Transport figures show that almost 250,000 people suffer injuries from road traffic accidents each year.

Almost 30,000 of those injuries are classified as serious.

If you are a passenger in a road traffic accident then it is virtually impossible for the accident to have been your fault, because you were not in control of any of the vehicles involved.

This means that passengers usually have a very good chance of succeeding in injury compensation claims and their claims are normally straightforward.

Put simply, passengers generally have very strong claims.

If you suffer an injury as a passenger, it is very likely that you will be able to make an injury claim for compensation. The same is often true for pedestrian claims.

Passenger in a Vehicle/Taxi

A passenger in a vehicle or taxi that is involved in an accident with another vehicle is almost always an innocent party, either because the driver of vehicle you are in is to blame for the accident, or another driver is to blame.

Sometimes it is not immediately obvious which driver is to blame and it might be that the two drivers are equally to blame. As an innocent passenger you will be able to claim against one or both of the drivers and we will make sure that your claim is pursued properly .

All you have to do is give us the details of the drivers and we will do the rest.

Sometimes a passenger does not like to make a claim if the driver responsible for the accident is a friend or relative. We can advise you on this so you can make an informed decision on whether to proceed or not. Usually it makes little difference to your friend or relative if you claim.

Passengers on a Bus

When you are travelling as a passenger on a bus you expect that there will be a certain amount of stopping and starting, as the driver lets other passengers on and off the bus. However, you are also entitled to expect that in driving the bus, the driver will act with a great degree of care so as not to expose you to a risk of injury.

The driver of a bus should drive at an appropriate speed and avoid sudden braking (without good reason).

If you are injured whilst travelling as a passenger on a bus and you consider that this was due to a lack of care on the part of the driver, then you might be able to make a claim for compensation for your injuries and financial losses.

We have successfully run countless passenger accident claims

Remember; road users are under a duty to abide by road legislation and practice and in most cases they have to carry insurance.

It is usually quite simple to work out which road user is at fault and if you are in any doubt try our free case evaluation or call for free.

Even in uninsured road traffic accident scenarios and hit and run cases it is still possible to claim.

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