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Injuries to the ankle and foot can happen as a result of a fall, something falling on to it, a sudden impact, or as a result of other injuries that go on to cause pain in the ankle. If someone else caused the injury then you might be able to claim.

These injuries can cause further problems if you are unable to work because of the pain and discomfort and can be particularly troublesome if your job requires you to be mobile.

Ankle and foot injuries are very common.

The ankle and foot helps to support the weight of the body and if you sustain and injury to your ankle or foot you might be incapacitated.

You may be unable to work and this may be particularly so if your job requires you to be mobile.

Sometimes you might have problems even travelling to work because of the injury.

When you see your GP or the Consultant at the hospital you will hear a number of medical terms for the injury to your ankle for example;

  • Fracture/Break – Where one of the bones in the ankle has been broken
  • Strain – When a muscle or tendons in the ankle have overstretched
  • Sprain – More serious than a strain.  This is where the ligaments that connect the bones have overstretched
  • Avulsion Fracture – Where the ligament tears and pulls bone with it

The result of an injury to the ankle or foot can include a number of problems.

If the ankle or foot has been broken it may require setting in cast or even surgery.

If your ankle has been strained or spained then it may be treated with a support dressing and can take several weeks or months to make a full recovery.

Your GP or Consultant ought to be able to tell you what type of injury you have sustained and how serious this is.  This will then determine what treatment you need to help you recover.

If treatment cannot be offered to you quickly then we might be able to arrange for this to be provided for you privately.

As your recovery progresses and it becomes clear that you require further treatment such as physiotherapy, or even surgery, then again, we might be able to arrange that for you privately.

Get a free case review now and see if you can claim ankle injury compensation.

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