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Phil and Teds pushchair injuries update

Friday, November 25, 2011 @ 03:11 PM
Author: John

Hello again.

I first wrote a blog about injuries suffered using pushchairs, and in particular Phil and Teds pushchairs, on the 10th June 2011, so you might like to go back and look at that posting. I updated the situation towards the end of my blog on the 2nd September 2011 and now I want to update you again.

I have now been contacted by no less than 7 people who have all suffered injuries whilst using one of these Phil and Teds pushchairs. Some of the injuries are more serious than others, but all involve a trapping/crushing/slicing action occurring when either opening or collapsing the pushchair.

There certainly seem to be nastier injuries suffered with the older Phil and Teds pushchairs, such as the V1 and V2 Sport models. They seem to have had various consumer alerts issued about them in various countries and suffer from the lack of a hinge guard. I think that this makes these potential claims both more valuable because of the nastier injuries and more likely to succeed.

My clients still need help from anyone who has had a similar pushchair injury or accident. You can help them in their claims by coming forward and I can probably help you with a claim too.

The first claim that I made for a client is well advanced and is progressing very well now. I can’t post any confidential details here, but it looks very likely to succeed now.

I have also had a call about an accident with a newer Explorer model double pushchair. Thankfully the injuries seem less severe in that case and there is, apparently, a hinge guard on that model. However, if anyone does have a similar problem with that model then it’s likely that if you get in touch we can help one another out.

Whilst it is clear that pushchairs have to be designed to be collapsible these days, some manufacturers have seemed able to design safer mechanisms than others to achieve this. Those who haven’t managed to design and make pushchairs collapsible safely are exposing users to an unacceptable and unnecessary risk of injury.

So if you have had any kind of pram injury, pushchair injury or any accident involving them please call or email me. The easiest way to email me is just to click on the free case evaluation button just below this text.

You can help me and my clients and I can help you.

That’s all for now.


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