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Claim Amounts

Leeds Injury Claim AmountsAt the beginning of a claim it is often difficult to know how much compensation you will receive for injuries and losses.

This is because in the early stages we do not know how long you are likely to have the symptoms for, how your injuries are going to affect you and what losses you will suffer.

Once a medical report has been received and we can see what the Doctor says about your recovery, then we can advise you on the likely amount of compensation you will receive.

You might be interested to know that the main way in which a claim is valued is by reference to the publication “Judicial Studies Board (JSB) Guidelines” and by reference to many previously decided cases.

Some examples of likely values are as follows:

Minor Whiplash Injuries
Where recovery is complete within a few weeks to one year
£850 – £2,750
Major Whiplash Injuries
Where recovery is complete within 2 years
£2,750 – £5,000
Serious Shoulder Injury £8,100 – £12,250
Fracture of the Forearm £4,250 – £12,250
Partial Loss of Index Finger £7,750 – £12,000
Moderate Knee Injury £9,500 – £17,000
Severe Ankle Injury £20,000 – £32,000
Amputation of Foot £53,500 – £70,000

Accidents affect people in different ways so the figures shown above are a very rough guide to the level of damages you might receive and they increase over time. Also, these figures are just for your pain and suffering.

In addition to this you might also be able to claim for financial losses such as;

  • Loss of earnings
  • Hire of an alternative vehicle
  • Policy excess
  • Taxi fares
  • Medication costs
  • Physiotherapy or other treatment
  • Cost of surgery
  • Care provided by your family whilst you were recovering from your injuries
  • Future care needs
  • Future loss of earnings
  • Any adaptations required to your home to accommodate any ongoing disability

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