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Industrial Disease Compensation Claims

Industrial diseases are medical conditions or injuries suffered as a result of being exposed to some hazard, dangerous practice or substance in the workplace.

They can include respiratory conditions, skin conditions, asbestos exposure related conditions, vibrating machinery exposure related conditions and noise related conditions.

It is often the case that these work related conditions have resulted from prolonged exposure to hazards or hazardous working conditions and have developed slowly over a number of years.

This often means that the injured person’s working history is very important and needs to be investigated.

Victims of these conditions are sometimes unaware, at least at first, that the conditions they are suffereing from have anything to do with their past work.

These nasty conditions developed in the workplace often arise as a result of the negligence or breach of legal duty of an employer.

Employers owe many legal duties to keep employees safe in the workplace, free from hazards and unsafe working conditions and from dangerous machinery and so often it is possible to make a successful claim for compensation.

Industrial disease claims we have run successfully include:

  • Respiratory condition claims as a result of dust exposure or other harmful exposure to substances
  • Asbestos related claims
  • Claims resulting from exposure to harmful chemicals such as solvents
  • Industrial deafness or tinnitus claims
  • Skin condition claims
  • Claims arising from exposure to vibrating machinery, often referred to as “vibration white finger” or “hand arm vibrations syndrome” and shortened to “VWF” or “HAVS”

We have won many of these claims, so why not find out if you have a good claim?

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