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Shops and Supermarkets

Nasty tripping and slipping injuries in shops often arise as a result of the negligence or breach of legal duty of the shop management.

Shops, supermarkets and any businesses that welcome visitors to their premises all owe many legal duties to keep visitors safe and free from tripping and slipping hazards.

This means it is often possible to make a successful claim for compensation if you have fallen.

Shoppers who are hurt in tripping and slipping accidents often fear that it was their own fault for not looking where they were going and so believe that they cannot claim.

However, the law protects accident victims and makes allowances for the fact that we cannot all watch our step every moment of the day and we are entitled to expect walkways and aisles to be free of tripping hazards and slippery patches.

Tripping and slipping accident in shops claims we have run successfully include:

  • Falls caused by spills of liquids or produce that have not been spotted quickly or cleared up by shop staff
  • Injuries or falls caused by collapsing shop displays or falling items that were not safely secured
  • Trips caused by obstructions such as items left or stored in the way of walkways or by wiring not properly or safely concealed
  • Falls caused by inappropriate or missing safety features such as missing handrails or slippery treads on stairs or inadequate lighting

We have won many of these claims, so why not find out if you have a good claim?

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