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Motor and Other Insurance

When you make a claim against the driver of a vehicle responsible for an accident, the driver must report it to his/her motor insurers. Those insurers will deal with your claim on behalf of the insured driver.

Even though your claim is against the driver, it is the motor insurer who pays you compensation.

Motor insurance is compulsory in Great Britain. Anybody who owns or drives a vehicle on the road must have motor insurance in place.

If there is no insurance in place then the owner/driver has committed a criminal offence and might face a prosecution.

Fortunately, the number of instances where vehicles on the road are uninsured is reducing, but it does still happen.

Even if someone is driving uninsured and causes an accident this does not mean that you cannot make a claim for compensation for your injuries and losses.

If there is no insurance in place your claim will be made to the Motor Insurers Bureau (MIB). This is Government formed organisation which was set up to provide a means of seeking compensation for victims of road traffic accidents where the driver to blame is either uninsured, or left the scene of the accident and cannot be traced.

Claims to the MIB can be made by anyone who has been injured and sustained losses due to the fault of an uninsured or untraced driver, so this would include a driver of a car, a passenger, a cyclist or a pedestrian.

Call us if you have been involved in an accident with an uninsured or untraced driver and we will talk through with you what we can do to help.

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Making a claim for compensation against a vehicle owner/driver responsible for an accident is relatively straightforward because if they are not insured then the MIB will deal with your claim.

If the person reponsible for the accident is a cyclist or a pedestrian then the position may be a little more difficult because cyclists and pedestrians do not have to have insurance in place. Request a call back for free to discuss it.

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If someone causes you an injury because they were negligent then they are liable to pay you compensation.

It is not unusual for compensation to run into several thousands of pounds and few people have the money to be able to pay the compensation privately.

In the vast majority of cases, claims made against individuals for their negligence are actually paid by their insurers.

This is why insurance is important. Whilst individuals may not have the money to pay the compensation, their insurers will.

Even though cyclists and pedestrians are not legally obliged to have insurance to cover them for any acts of negligence, it is becoming increasingly common for them to have such insurance cover in place.

If a cyclist takes out insurance to cover the cost of damage to, or loss of, a bicycle then very often that insurance will also provide cover for any liabilty the cyclist incurs to other road users.

We have sucessfully pursued claims against cyclists who have been negligent whilst cycling on the roads after finding out that they have insurance cover in place.

If you have been involved in an accident and a cyclist was responsible for it, call us and we will be happy to discuss it further with you for free.

If a pedestrian is responsible for an accident then it is quite possible that they have insurance to cover them for claims made against them under their household contents policy, or through a credit card insurance.

Often, they do not realise that they have this cover until they check their policy.

We have plenty of experience of dealing with cases like this. We have successfully pursued claims where a pedestrian has been responsible for an accident simply by finding out that the pedestrian has insurance cover in place.

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An accident may also be caused by the poor condition of a road or by unmarked road works.

The law says that a local authority has has a duty to make sure that roads are maintained to a “reasonable” standard.

This means that the Local Authority must have a reasonable system in place for inspecting the roads and for repairing them if they are defective.

If they fail to meet that duty, and you have an accident because of it, then you might be able to make a claim for your injuries and any financial losses you have suffered.

Roads are subject to natural wear and tear and can be affected by adverse weather conditions, but it is still worthwhile talking your accident through with us. We will advise you on the basis of the facts of your own accident and whether you are likely to succeed in a claim.

The Highways Authority also has a duty to ensure that roadworks are carried out in a reasonable manner and that warning signs are adequate and visible. If they fail in their duties and you have an accident because of it then you can make a claim for compensation.

Both the Local Authority and the Highways Authority have Public Liability insurance in place to cover the cost of such claims and we can contact them on your behalf and pursue a claim for compenation for you.

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