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Defective Product Injury Claims

If you have bought a product and have been injured whilst using it then you might be able to bring defective product injury claims against the manufacturer or supplier of the faulty product.

We have dealt with many  claims where injuries have been caused by faulty products.

These include cases where a jar or bottle has “exploded” when opened, where food when eaten causes food poisoning, where pushchairs which have faulty catches, where electrical items that overheat, and where wheelchairs which have exposed sharp edges. There have been many more cases too.

The law in this area is designed to protect the consumer from the consequences of faulty products and requires that you simply have to show that the product was faulty and that the defect caused the injury.

You do not have to show that the manufacturer was “negligent” as such.

This is known as “Strict Liability”.

The types of injury you may suffer as a result of a faulty product can vary considerably depending upon the nature of the defect.

If you have been injured whilst  using a product you should seek legal advice on how to pursue a claim both for your injuries and the financial losses caused by the injury.

We can help you with this.

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