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Case Study – Mr S. Road Accident Claim

Mr S was a driver for a Car Hire company and was returning a vehicle back to his company’s head quarters on the motorway.

As he was driving the vehicle hit an obstacle on the road and the front tyre of the vehicle was punctured.

He pulled the vehicle onto the hard shoulder of the motorway and put on the hazard warning lights.

He and his two work colleagues who were travelling with him got out of the car and began to change the tyre on the vehicle, so that they could continue their journey.

As Mr S was working on the vehicle a lorry ran into the rear of the vehicle, pushing it across all three lanes of the motorway and throwing Mr S into the barriers along the side of the motorway.

Mr S sustained injury to his neck and required hospital treatment from which he later made a full recovery.

Initially the insurers of the lorry denied liability and argued that the vehicle was not displaying warning lights.

We were able to show from witness evidence and by obtaining motorway CCTV coverage that the vehicle was showing warning lights.

We also established that the driver of the lorry was to be prosecuted for driving with excess alcohol in his bloodstream and was later convicted of this offence, and also driving without due care and attention.

When liability was still not admitted we began legal proceedings for Mr S and succeeded in proving that the lorry was to blame for the accident and obtaining compensation for him of £7,800.

His claim was completed within a year of the accident happening.

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